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Sometimes it is hard to recognize if you have an alcohol or drug problem. We have some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide if you can benefit from our drug assessment and counseling programs.


• Did you ever wake up "the morning after" and couldn't remember part of the evening before?

• Are you experiencing more family, financial, legal, or work problems?

• Do you ever feel guilty about your drinking or what you said or did while drinking/using drugs?

• Have you failed to keep promises to yourself and others about your drinking /drug use?

• Have others suggested you change your drinking/drug habits?

• Have you noticed you’re more in a hurry to get that first drink?

Call on our locally-owned and authorized mental health clinic. We have extended weekday hours to better serve you!

Our trained AODA therapists and psychologists will provide assessment to help you or your loved one determine if you or they have an addictive or abusive relationship with drugs or alcohol.  One in ten Americans has an alcohol or drug addiction that can lead to many painful challenges.  In the state of Wisconsin alone, one in three families is affected by a loved one with an alcohol problem. Our therapists are trained to work with you or your loved one and help you or them work towards a recovery of their addictive process.  


In addition to the therapy and individual assessment offered, we also have group therapy sessions. Our state certified program allows those who have lost their drivers license to have it reinstated. Give our receptionist a call to schedule your confidential assessment appointment.

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Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment and Counseling

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